November 14

FH-DCE Bikers

Hello FH-DCE Bikers,

One way to bring the FH-DCE closer to you is to inform you directly with this magazine.

FH-DCE Clubs all over Europe to inform you about international rally’s and meetings. With this information you can make your plans for touring all over Europe and make friends in all those countries.
This year we welcome 3 new clubs in the FH-DCE. Also we have new Candidate members, we still groing.

New clubs organised new events, and visit them is the ultimate way to discover new countries and friendship.  In this magazine also information about the FH-DCE Super Rally® we hope you have a good trip to Poland. We hope that this magazine  complete your Harley-Davidson experience. Also visit the official website if you want to know more about the FH-DCE.

At this moment we ar working on a better resolution but click the Button 1:1 for better reading


Keep the rubber down,
See you on the road.


Win A Watch !!!! send in your H-D experiece or an other story and when the polls  mark you as the                                                                               winner  your receive a FEDWATCH 

Enjoy Ulf  & Peter

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